Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

Our vision is to inspire each child to achieve their individual potential and; vital to this are our extracurricular activities which link into and develop the co-curricular programme. Subject areas range from outdoor activities, music, drama and art, to life skills and community work. Friday afternoons are dedicated to Clubs, while other activities are offered during lunch breaks and before / after school.

“Pupils achieve extremely well in a wide-range of extracurricular activities, with achievements in sport being particularly noteworthy”

The diversity of opportunities to explore and learn new skills is enormous. Each term new Clubs and activities are offered, with selection driven by demand. Some of the activities we run include:

Music/Art and Drama:

Termly productions, shows and exhibitions, as well as international tours provide an opportunity for all ages and abilities to get involved either, either performing or in backstage technical roles.

International Junior Science Olympiad and the International Young Physicist Tournaments:

An opportunity for our elite science students to compete against other students from around the world.

International MUN:

Students compete annually on an international level against their counterparts from other schools. This is a chance to practise their debating and presentation skills.

The President’s Award:

This encourages students to focus on their educational interests and improve or enhance their abilities through engaging in challenging projects that bolster personal achievements and growth.


Sport plays a significant part in the life of Hillcrest and we pride ourselves in our enviable reputation with every pupil having the opportunity to represent the school in the various leagues, as well as at a national level. Students can study academic PE to IGCSE level as well as enjoy many co- and extracurricular options.

Students receive expert coaching from our staff and are able to make the most of our beautiful and extensive grounds, developing a long term healthy lifestyle.

The School’s sporting expertise includes

  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Equestrian
  • Swimming
  • Netball
  • Rounders
  • Fencing
  • Athletics

Students develop an appreciation for team spirit as well as perseverance. Inter-house competitions encourage camaraderie and often revolve around sporting activities as well as other contests.

Whether developing our elite performers or opening-up sport for everyone, we make sure all abilities are catered for and that everyone is challenged, extended and encouraged to meet and exceed their potential.

Hillcrest U19 Interschool Hockey Tournament 2018 – Winners – Hillcrest Boys.

Trips and Excursions

Hillcrest students are able to participate in various trips and excursions to enhance their educational experience and gain from exposure to the region, continent and world at large. Students go on trips as a result of clubs, activities and competitions that they participate in, as well as additional bonding trips that are offered. These include outreach trips to Baringo, excursion trips to Mt Kilimanjaro, business trips across Europe, Ski Trips to Italy and more.

Experiential learning encourages our students to develop resilience, independence and teamwork. It gives life to lessons from the classroom, providing a richer contextual reference. Hillcrest students are encouraged to develop an understanding of the world around them building skills such as interpersonal communication, cooperation and an understanding for different environments and cultures.

Wider Horizons

At Hillcrest, we understand that students have post-secondary goals of various interests and destinations. We aim to foster and facilitate a global perspective in the present, and while contemplating the future.

Therefore, we endeavor to expose our students to a host of networking and learning opportunities, including visits from admissions tutors and career exploration, that will allow them to make an informed and satisfying post-secondary decision. We believe that there is a “good fit” for every student, and we work with each individually to help him or her achieve this.

In that effort, Hillcrest provides study periods for the Year 12s and Year 13s to focus solely on careers exploration and preparation. During these times, we invite speakers and admissions tutors, present workshops, complete applications, and more.

Through our parent and alumni network, we also help students connect to work experience in both Year 10 and Year 12. Additionally, we regularly host university fairs with over 40 representatives from top universities. Overall, we are constantly searching for ways to enhance our students’ and parents’ awareness of university options and each step from selecting and applying to enrolling and arriving on campus.

BTEC Level 3
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Association of International Schools in Africa
Council of British International Schools
Independent Schools Inspectorate
Council of British International Schools (Compliance Member)
Kenyan International Schools Association
GL Education Assessment Excellence
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