Hillcrest runs a vibrant extracurricular programme to encourage exploration and curiosity as well as nurturing diverse talents and skills.


A Friday afternoon activity, run by a Kenyan Archery Olympiad who was the Kenyan flag bearer at Rio Olympics this year.


Hillcrest has close links with the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Kenya, with two students representing Kenya internationally in the UIPM Olympics

Survival Club:

Run by a real life adventurer, students learn how to survive in the wild; building fires, creating shelters, finding food and water.

Publications Club:

An opportunity for our talented journalists and photographers to plan and prepare the school magazine.

Other popular clubs include:

  • Sign Language
  • Computer Programming Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Business Club
  • Community Projects
  • Sewing and Beadwork
  • Squash
  • Football
  • Horse Riding

Cultural exploration

We are privileged to live in a community rich in cultural diversity and our school mix reflects that breadth from the nationalities of the families who join us, to the broad experience and international training of our teachers, to the learning opportunities we offer. Equally, we do our best to utilise to the maximum the opportunities presented by being located in Kenya, with its special and diverse environment.

Our family-style approach and philosophy of inclusion, means that every child feels a sense of belonging. Every opportunity is utilised to develop attitudes of cooperation, citizenship, sportsmanship and teamwork, thus building mutual respect for each other.

The annual Utamaduni Day, together with the French Day and International Day develop more in-depth understanding of cultures other than one’s own.

Friday Afternoon Activities

Friday afternoons take a very different shape to the rest of the school week. The entire student and teaching body take part in extracurricular activities with a focus on giving everyone an opportunity to stretch themselves and try something completely different. The activities are wide ranging with pre-university students improving/inventing their skills with bedsit cooking, or students of all abilities fencing each other and staff, and students running their own clubs such as E-sports and Ultimate Frisbee.

The goal is to produce ever more rounded students and reveal that the limit is the sky if they invest themselves.

Typically there are approximately 25-30 activities available and so variety can be enjoyed from the first term of Year 9 to the last term of Year 13

Independent Schools Inspectorate
Council of British International Schools (Compliance Member)
The Independent Association of Prep Schools